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Colorado Component Rebuilders, Inc.

               The Only Exclusively  Subaru Engine Remanufacturer !
Most Complete Subaru Engine Available!
 Best Price!        Best Customer Service!
     Friendly Personal Attention!

To find your engine, click on the "Engine Catalog" tab above.  Identify your engine by finding the model and year of your car.  The engine model is clearly shown, with shipping and return shipping included! 

Looking for a remanufactured engine for your Subaru?  We are the only company in the USA which remanufactures and sells ONLY Subaru stock replacement engines!  In these difficult economic times, replacing your car's bad engine is a proven way to save money.

Subarus have become much more complex over the past 15 years.  Engines MUST be matched perfectly to your vehicle.  This is why so many companies have stopped offering Subaru engines, and those who sell cheap replacements do not offer them as complete as we do.  But make no mistake: you WILL end up paying for that difference in addition to the cost of the partial engine you receive.  Plus, shipping both ways is included in our prices.  No guessing, no hidden additions, less labor costs.

We invite you to compare with other companies.  You'll find that our engines are the most complete remanufactured Subaru engines you can buy, at the best price! All engines are remanufactured to factory specifications or better, using only Subaru Genuine and OEM parts including the NEW UPGRADED HEAD GASKETS.  No cheap aftermarket parts! No "add-ons" in order to have a complete engine! Upfront prices ON OUR SITE!  With us, what you see is what you get.

We also offer more models than anyone else.  From 1980 to the present, if it's a Subaru boxer engine, we build it! *   And we are proud to stand behind them with a nationwide** 3 year or 50,000 mile warranty***!  Click on "Engine Catalog" to see photos and specifics of our engines.

* Sorry, no Justy engines.

** Warranty valid in Continental USA and parts of Canada

 ***All 2.0L and 2.5L turbo engines (which include the WRX and STi engines as well as other models) are warranted 12 months or 12,000 miles if there are NO engine performance modifications on the vehicle.






Notice the difference?  Our engines come with all the parts theirs are missing:  cam sprockets, crank sprocket, timing idlers and tensioners, timing belt, oil pump, water pump, timing covers, oil pan with pickup tube and baffle, plus spark plugs and genuine Subaru oil filter.  Also included are a gasket installation kit and residential shipping anywhere in the continental USA.  (Core charge may apply.)
We use the finest parts available:

ACL 4 Metal Rod and Main Race Bearings
TURBO Subaru head gaskets: fixes the issues of repeated head gasket failures
NGK or Denso Spark Plugs
All Genuine Subaru seals and gaskets

Colorado Component Rebuilders, Inc.
(aka CCREngines)
4895 Newport St., Commerce City,  CO 80022
TOLL FREE 1-855-692-2778
               Local (303) 293-9230              Fax (303) 293-9231
       Open Mon-Thurs. 8-4pm, Fri. 8-3pm
                   Independent Subaru Engine Remanufacturers


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